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The Barns at Lodge Farm wedding – Maddie and Josh

If you’re planning a wedding at The Barns at Lodge Farm in Epping, you’ll love this wedding for inspiration!

Maddie and Josh had their big wedding at The Barns at Lodge Farm. This has to be our absolute fave close to London Barn venue! These babes had the most incredible party to celebrate their “I do’s”.

The ceremony

The ceremony was was officiated by Maddie and Josh’s brother and sister. They got legally married the day before so could have a ceremony beautifully unique and tailored to them. Their siblings delivered a hilarious and emotional ceremony. It included the exchanging of bottles of wine which was just absolutely perfect and hilarious for these vino-philes. It was so much fun and you could see everyone really enjoyed their unconventional ceremony.

The reception was also at The Barns at Lodge Farm – I love this venue because not only are the staff bloody phenomenal -which they really are. But you get to feel like you’re miles from the city, but you’re still super close to a Tube station.

Maddie and Josh decided on food trucks instead of more traditional catering which was absolutely brilliant. They were blessed with the most exceptional weather so the food trucks paired with excellent live music gave the whole day such a great festival vibe. AND to be even more amazing, Maddie made their wedding cake! They finished off the evening with the kind of dance party to be proud of. Getting to know these babes and their amazing families over the course of the weekend, I would not have expected anything less from them!

If you’re planning a wedding at The Barns at Lodge Farm, get in touch!

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