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Fun City wedding at Old Marylebone Town Hall in London

If you love a high spirited and fun wedding, then you’ll love this City wedding!

Maddie and Josh got married at the gorgeous Old Marylebone Town Hall, London. When I first hopped on a call with them to chat about their two weddings (second one to be blogged soon!) we immediately hit it off! Not only had they lived in our hood (Bow), but we even had twinsie white cats. I immediately fell for their infectious high energy and passion for each other. When they suggested they wanted to climb the lion outside Old Marylebone Town Hall I was absolutely sold on them. I knew their weddings would be a joy to be a part of!

Their intimate ceremony took place at Old Marylebone Town Hall, and was really emotional. There is always something so precious and privileged to witness beautiful intimate moments, and theirs was no exception . After the ceremony, we had a confetti aisle, and then we got onto the business of climbing the lions. It was such a laugh, and for us there is just nothing better than people who don’t take things too seriously and want to have a bit of fun on their day. After that we did a little explore around some back streets before heading to the pub to meet up with their guests.

The reception was held at The Italian Greyhound pub. Its no secret pub receptions are our faves as they just lend themselves so well to flexibility and casual fun. After some good wine and some great (and once again) emotional speeches I headed off in preparation of their big wedding the following day.

Here is Maddie and Josh’s story in photos.

Ceremony: Old Marylebone Town Hall –

Reception Venue: The Italian Greyhound –

MUA : Kate Morris –

My phenomenal Second Shooter for the day – Lex Fleming –

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