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Why should we get you to shoot our wedding over the 12 million other photographers out there?

GOOD question! Honestly? It all comes down to finding the photographers who have the right vibe for you. You’re going to be spending the whole damn day with them, so its important to make sure they are your kind of people. If you don’t want a photographer whose overly bossy and stage manages your whole day, and would prefer someone relaxed whose there to hangout, keep you calm and capture things as they happen naturally – then we are probably a good fit. We just want to make sure you are as relaxed and comfortable on the day as possible so you can focus on the important bits like marrying your favourite human and having a party with all your other favourite humans! So if thats what you are after, thats probably why we should shoot your wedding!

What is your style of photography?

Fun, relaxed and emotive! We love to document the natural story of your day. This means we take a documentary approach to shooting our weddings with a hint of fine art feel to our images and portraiture. What this basically means is we aren’t really into super posed pictures and don’t like to “stage manage” your wedding. We like to capture the natural moments as they unfold organically. But lets be honest here, having your picture taken is WEIRD and we get that, so if needed we will totally give you some light prompts and “direction”. The limit to our “direction” would be say positioning you in front of a window that has beautiful natural light coming in while you get ready to get better pictures, or guiding you a bit when you don’t know where to put your bouquet (if you have one), which can be awkward to carry around if you aren’t used to walking around everywhere holding flowers. This means if you want a picture through a picture frame, a groom kneeling next to the bride or a couple with a suitcase walking along a railway line, or stiff old fashioned table photos, we probably aren’t the right fit for what you are after, and thats totally fine too!

Do you guys pose us at all in photos? ‘Cus we feel awkward as hell in front of the camera.

Trust us, we totally know how awkward being in front of a camera can be! We got a taste of our own medicine at our wedding and we know first hand how funny it can feel posing or being the centre of attention. We try to keep couple photos short, fun and relaxed. We take you on a wander somewhere pretty or interesting and aim to get you interacting naturally with each other by guiding you rather than posing you. This usually involves a lot of banter and silliness as this time should be fun – not scary or stuffy. We really let your energy as a couple guide how we shoot you to insure your pictures are a good reflection of your relationship.

Are you dog or cat people?

We are animal people, so will likely go crazy over a puppy, duck, capybara – whatever as long as its cute! At home we have one kitty and a bunny though regularly go and dog watch in Victoria Park to get our daily dog fix.

Whats the best band you have seen live?

Ooooft this is an essay waiting to happen! Being MASSIVE live music and festival fans, this list would be endless if we let it be! For Andy the first time seeing Pearl Jam was a big one, and for Szerdi probably Deftones. Since then any live music post Covid has felt extra special to us but highlights definitely include Biffy Clyro unplugged in Amsterdam (in the same venue Nirvana played their unplugged tour 5000 years ago), Bring Me the Horizon in Malta, While She Sleeps in the tiny and sold out Underworld in Camden and TOOL in Berlin. We love to combine our two loves of travel and music as you can probably tell.

Do you both shoot or is one of you the second shooter/bag carrier?

When you book two photographers, you get two actual photographers for your wedding. Not one photographer plus a second shooter/assistant, you get two primary shooters :) This makes covering all of your wedding much easier and means 2 angles at the ceremony and 2 creative minds shooting your couple pics.

Will there always be two photographers shooting our wedding, or is there an option to just get one of you?

We usually come as a package like peanut butter and jam or a veggie burger and chips :) BUT for elopements, intimate weddings and Town Hall cover we often find having just one of us there is the sweet spot to get all the important bits you need. We do also shoot full day weddings solo if thats an option you would prefer.

Whats the best music festival you have been to?

We both loved the 10 day Sziget festival in Budapest, and Download is pretty epic too. Our hearts are probably with our local festival Splashy Fen though as thats where we got together and this whole adventure started!

We hear you offer video – how does that work?

We sure do! And we shoot it the same time we shoot photos – like magic!. This is a great option for you if you don’t want a whole horde of people up in your faces the whole day, and if you are a sucker for consistency, its one way to guarantee your photos and video will have the same look and feel.

What kind of videos do you offer?

We’ve noticed that a lot of wedding videos kinda just look the same, a bit slow moving, and don’t really have much of the couple’s personality in them. When we decided to also offer video, it was super important for us to carry the way we photograph weddings into how we film them too. So our videos are fast moving and upbeat! Like your wedding will be! Check out our video page for better idea of what we do.

Do you record speeches and the full ceremony?

For this we are going to recommend booking a kick ass dedicated videographer. We work closely with a couple of AMAZING videographers who we cannot recommend enough!

What gear do you use? (I’m nerdy and I like camera stuff…)

We currently both shoot with full frame Sony A7iii mirrorless cameras and shoot with a variety of prime and zoom lenses. If you are a photography nerd (like us) and want to chat gear, why we have moved to mirrorless, feel free to message us or chat to us about it at our client meet up.

Do you have backup gear/insurance?

We always have back up camera bodies, lenses, SD memory cards, extra camera batteries, extra flashes and extra flash batteries. All our gear is insured for both domestic and international travel. We have liability insurance and all the other bits crucial to running a professional operation.

Do you keep backups of our photos?

One of the (many) perks of the Sony A7iii is that you can shoot on to dual memory cards. This means that as we shoot your wedding, we automatically are shooting onto two memory cards which makes a real time backup. We start backing up your photos as soon as we leave your wedding, we do a third backup just to make sure we have your pics safe and sound as it would be our worst nightmare having to tell a couple we have lost their pics from a corrupt memory card or something. This all means that unless we are struck by lightening as we leave your venue or some other really horrible things happens, we ALWAYS have a backup of your images! Once your we deliver your online gallery, they will be safely there for you for at least a year. We do recommend once you download them all that you make a backup of them too for safe keeping.

How far in advance do we need to book you guys?

We tend not to book weddings more than 18 months in advance as we often only plan our world adventuring on short notice, but having said that, we do book up for high season super fast. This doesn’t mean that if your wedding is soon we can’t shoot it as we have shot weddings on less than 2 weeks notice, its just the likelihood of us being free on your date decreases the closer it gets, so pop us over a message asaptually and lets get planning!

Do you shoot family group photos at weddings?

Family photos are a tricky one. We think they are super important as weddings will often bring together people who don’t often get a chance to be together and who may not get a chance to be together again so we definitely take care to get these. BUT they can eat a lot into your wedding time if they spiral out of control.They can also cause a lot of stress for you if not handled properly. What we advise is that we shoot family pics straight after the hugs and kisses after the ceremony before anyone has wandered off to the toilet, or to get a drink or have a sneaky cigarette. To eliminate the stress for YOU on the day, and to make sure you get a shot with the people who matter most to you, we advise making a list of “must have” photos – we usually suggest about 8 to 10 (but can do more or less depending what you want). We then recommend delegating this list to a bossy friend or family member who knows all the people on the list to help us wrangle them. Adults can be notoriously hard to organise so we like to make this process as smooth and quick as possible – for you and them.

Do you shoot table photos and those sorts of things?

That would be a massive nope. We do not do the posed table shots of yesteryear but are more than happy to shoot yourself and your guests informally during the reception. Its as simple as coming up and saying “hey can I get a pic with my old high school friends?” and we will more than happily oblige. These pictures are way better than everyone awkwardly standing around a table anyway.

Do you scout locations for our couple shoot, and what if it rains?

We like to scout for couple shoot locations before the wedding day starts, so you will probably find us early on the morning of your wedding taking photos of each other in weird places around your venue to test out some spots. The reason for this is we don’t like to keep you away from your guests for too long so we like to have some degree of plan for locations. And if it rains?! Bloody awesome! Rain makes for some epic pictures!

How long do you need to shoot our couple pics and will we be away for long from the reception?

We know that most couples don’t want to be away from their friends and family for too long for pictures, but at the same time still want great shots. Hell, this was so important to us that at our wedding we did our couple shoot the day before the wedding so we totally get it. This is also why we always recommend our couples got to canapés first for some snacks, drinkies and minglings before we steal you away. We advise about half an hour minimum for couple shoot, assuming we don’t need to drive too far away. We have shot a five minute couple shoot and a two hour one. This is your wedding and we will shoot what you want and for how long. With this being said, the pictures you would get in five minutes would not be the same as in two hours, but it comes down to your priority as a couple and we are super keen to give you what you want.

From a photography point of view, when is the best time to have my wedding ceremony?

From our perspective, we love shooting couple pics in the “magic light” time of day which is usually a bit before and just after the sun sets. But we are super keen to help you tailor your timeline for the day so its the best for you guys!

Do you guys require a place to sit at the wedding reception and do you need food?

We do need seating, at a table is a bonus and we do need food please. We are the perfect people to seat at that awkward second cousin/work colleague table if you need to fill it up. If possible, we like to eat at the same time as the main table (if you have one of those) so that we can be ready to shoot as soon as the action starts. We also request drinks and a vegetarian/vegan meal for both of us.

Do you charge a travel fee and do you shoot “destination” weddings?

We love to travel and shoot all over the world (duh! who wouldn’t right?!). We love to travel and discover the world SO much that all of our full day packages are fully inclusive of travel fees, meaning you don’t pay a cent extra to get us to your location.

Do you need accommodation for our wedding?

If your wedding is more than 2,5 hours from our home in East London, we will need accommodation nearby to the venue for one night. Nothing fancy, just a bed and somewhere safe to leave our gear. If we are travelling further for your wedding we may need 2-3 nights accommodation so that we are fresh to shoot your big day, but we can discuss this and make a plan that works for both of us.

When do we get our pictures?

We will send you through a couple of preview pictures within a week of your wedding to keep you sated. We can’t think of anything worse than waiting MONTHS to get any of your wedding pictures! Low season weddings are ready in 4-8 weeks and high season weddings in 8-12 at the most. But we like to get your pics to you as soon as we can. Once your pictures are ready, you will get a link to your online gallery that you are more than welcome to share with whoever you would like!

How do I book you guys and how does the deposit work?

Fill out our form and, assuming we are available for you date, we can start the process. We require a booking fee to secure the date. This is both for you and for ourselves and we send you our contract to sign that covers both our sets of arses if anything goes funny.

Do we get high res images and will they have a watermark on them?

We do not watermark our pictures, nor do we only give you low res images. We know back in the day photographers would make their money off selling you the high res versions of your own pictures, but this just seems really strange to us. You have paid good money for your pictures and should have access to the high res images and have free access to print as many of them as you want at no extra cost to yourself. We are more than happy to recommend some fantastic high quality fine art printers, and have the option of you printing them straight from your gallery if you want. We give you all your images high res in your online gallery.

Do we get the RAW files?

Nope, sorry we don’t give out RAW files or unedited files.

How many pictures will we receive?

We like to give you ALL the pics we can! Its your day and you want to remember as much of it as possible. This means you won’t only get like 200 super curated images, we will give you all the moments of all your special people hanging out. Usually this works out to over 800 images and sometimes up to 1000.

Do you play well with videographers?

We have a very distinct photographic style which means we naturally work better with videographers who have a similar ethos and approach to shooting. We have a list of videographers we love working with so if you are interested, just yell and we can send them through to you!

Can you recommend a makeup artist/caterer/wedding co-ordinator?

We have had the pleasure of working with some AMAZING service providers so if you are looking for anything in particular, just ask and we will happily give you a list of our favourites!

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