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Despite getting married only six weeks after they got engaged, Megan and Jonny somehow managed to pull off one of the most beautiful and personal weddings we have had the honour of sharing. Their story is a beautiful one of  a shared love for each other that they were both only brave enough to admit after years of friendship. Getting to spend this time with them, their large group of close friends and dear family from all over the world was a beautiful way for us to start our shooting year. Despite how ridiculously stylish these two are naturally, you could really tell how much effort was put into every small detail of their brunch wedding which made it an arty but deeply personal occasion. In addition to doing some pics with them around Ciao Bella on the Point, after the wedding we returned to the place where Jonny, with the help of his sister and sister-in-law, proposed to Megan. It was such a delight to document their deep and beautiful love back at the place where their marriage began.

Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-013Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-005Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-007Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-001 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-002 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-008 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-009 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-010 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-011 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-012 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-014 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-017Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-019Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-015Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-016 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-020Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-032Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-018 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-021 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-022 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-024 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-025 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-026Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-028 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-029 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-030 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-031 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-034 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-035 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-038 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-039Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-041 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-042 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-044Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-040Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-043 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-045 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-046 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-047 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-048 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-049 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-050 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-051 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-054 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-056Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-053Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-055 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-057 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-058 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-059 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-060 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-061 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-063 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-067Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-068Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-070Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-071Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-064 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-065Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-069 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-072 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-073 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-074Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-076 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-080Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-075 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-079 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-081 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-083 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-084 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-085 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-086 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-088 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-089 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-090 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-091 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-092 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-093 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-095 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-096 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-097Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-098 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-099 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-101 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-100Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-102 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-103 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-104 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-105 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-107 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-108 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-109 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-110 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-111 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-112 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-113 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-114 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-115 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-118 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-119 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-120 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-121 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-123 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-126 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-127 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-128 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-129 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-138Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-131 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-132 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-133 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-134 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-135 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-136 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-137 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-140 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-141 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-142 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-144 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-146 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-149 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-150 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-151 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-152 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-153 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-154 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-172Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-157²Gs;(þð¹À4±6Ŷ±ÝYÕIß*’†9eÓ-L1¢ùŒÄ܁ €“Ä´YM4±I—LÒ«ƒÌ7H—îòÙƦç€ß=“WSWdôu(ڙ£åË~áÑT8ýFå.C[ræKŽ£¤AkÝA6ê½®ÀÜ`-´áÞvC‘vFµÁü®0x… §…YnŸæ0é(ÐK¬'æ<Ž”1é؍Ǯê 7Ü©ùۛlBThBúH"Äz`.TZˆªtò®½@÷ܟã€,jbå#†ZÂÿî(£C’ÖÓÌËt• 7|?gü5"TÕ¼e^*ˆµªÜ®™míÔ~öHög’¥.M¹ª$fmí± 6=»`.}7&§3µ¹ÓL¶ÂÊ/ó¶‡Äæ™2ÈdXM—Ö¶6-µ€ïß©d‘¼ÓÈÖ *R{î0¦ Tk}”ÞþV8Äñ„6ír ùßmÀîߖt.“¤Xibwùà2¿mùtÆ¢¿N¨­4.ÃȽŠíßÈà!{ ¡?·ë§`Ëʦ¾G˜¾˜ ŒJ¤’;øu¶ß[à¡pÒI»–¼¥­½ˆ¿|§§5TJÛb7îGÓÿÓÄ£Ž¯F¥†É¤…»yàä2=ûÚÍu$IMŸòÒdy^O@k SfƒC*KNÓDÄtë‘l.Ëð®¼K3Îj³Sc”E¤]Z»Zے¡~J¸ wظ¤rZÊjdW×ìuòí€Ûâ,OÈ`%%ï€ÄÒ"тêãüŽ5]ˆ²“pmb<°á”1ÒM›¹.E7"@7þX w~ ’š ¤Žò—аd7î@ÀKš¼¦¦¾µ*^)@‘¨~˜ qÆ €Jê±óØm€žUgu¹DRA¦1Ì¥†Îo—¯q€)_Ãô5±fÂtjHš&Ö¦âǺà•SåôÈ°%]Ù]¤7·‘ÀNš‚3$²£ý¤£Ìúo€¥g¼5_2ÔIBe•I·Pæ± Œë+§Ž:XoU[¡7±·m°V¤šõ¨Ô-ålJ)L´„XsJ‘ØÞøæ)RËzoëcÞDZvÀ ]I'ÙBҖ X¹¹ÛHö—<œ }2-e4S£’Ub¤‚;à{B™µcËö/= 4±Ä·Ó¤^ÎG©Œ<S-¬·#·{Œ&ˆÒWÉTÀ’è‘Ç#q¶­¿¨¡ŽÊ…Š 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Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-168Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-169 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-171Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-170 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-174 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-176 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-177 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-178 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-179 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-180 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-181 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-182 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-184 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-185 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-187 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-188 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-189 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-190 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-191 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-192 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-193 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-195 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-194Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-196 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-197 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-198 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-199 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-200 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-186 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-203 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-204 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-205 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-206 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-207 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-208 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-209 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-212 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-214 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-215 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-216 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-217 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-218 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-219 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-220 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-221 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-222 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-223 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-224 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-227 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-230 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-232 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-233 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-235 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-236 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-238 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-240 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-241 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-242 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-243 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-245Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-244Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-246 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-247 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-248 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-249 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-250 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-251 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-252 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-253 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-254 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-255 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-256 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-257 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-258 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-259 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-261 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-264 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-265 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-267 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-268 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-269 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-270 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-271 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-273 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-275 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-277 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-278 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-274Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-279 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-281 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-282 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-283Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-284 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-285 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-286 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-287 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-289 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-290 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-291 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-292 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-293 Megan-Jono_CiaoBella-294



6 thoughts on “Megan and Jonny”

  1. Roxy says:

    Just breath taking! So proud of my special cousin, Jono and my new cousin Megs!
    Just Knot you two did such a beautiful job with this gorgeously personalised wedding.

  2. Chantal Hoffman says:

    Absolutely PERFECT! Everyone is just so happy, the setting is just beautiful, just simply breathtaking! Congrats Rich’s! Wishing you a MAGIC forever after!

  3. Nadia says:

    Beautiful! Captured perfectly. x

  4. Matt Masson says:

    These photos are 100% flipping FIRE!!!!

  5. Karen says:

    I am also a photographer. I am captivated by your work. It is unusal and refreshing and the best I’ve come across amongst so many photographers in Durban.

    1. Szerdi says:

      Thank you so much Karen :D

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  • There’s something beautiful and timeless about a shawl or saree. The Indian woman are such a vibrant contrast to the dusty streets.
  • Up to our eyebrows with hot chai (tea) and hotter curry. #wishyouwerehere #notreally
  • Unbelievable detail carved into these old stone mansions (called “Havelis”) from the 1800s. The one took 55 years to finish! It may take us that long to finish painting our kitchen...
  • Epic views over the small desert city of Jaisalmer in North West India, not far from the Pakistan border. 
First time in this beautiful country. Managed to step in cow shit within the first 2 minutes and dog shit within the first 10. Welcome to India!
  • This weekend exceeded all expectations! 🙌 Sooo many good bands, the friendliest people, and delicious veggie food. The mud and rain even made it a proper English festival experience 🌧 This was our first @downloadfest and we WILL be back! Thank you @the_szerd for enjoying the same noisy music as me and always being my band buddy 😘
  • This summer in Europe has been epic for bands so far! Another one from our “must-see” band list. Alice in Chains 🔥 Definite highlights were this song, Them Bones, and Nutshell, which Jerry Cantrell dedicated to Layne Stayley. Totes emosch 😥 @aliceinchains
  • I played bass for a long time and this man was my bass crush 😍 #justinchancellor was worth every second of the 20 year wait to watch this man play 🙌 ... and I got his plectrum ! That’s getting framed.
  • Tool 🙌 I waited 20 years to see this band and it finally happened last night in Berlin, of all places. They were a massive influence on my own band and were actually one of the reasons @the_szerd and I started dating over 15 years ago. I even played in a Tool tribute band back in the day. Excellent times!
  • People watching from the shade.
  • Exploring the narrow streets and alleyways of Stone Town, Zanzibar. This place reminds us so much of the old part of Jeddah with the African/Arab cross culture and architecture.

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