Previously KNOT JUST PICS. Same shit, different name.

Damnit this is a hard story to tell… Pretty much because I don’t think we have enough adjectives and superlatives to quite do justice to these people.  We clicked HARD with these two when we did their pre-wedding shoot, and even before we got far down South for their wedding, knew it would be an epic one. So to summmarize: location-stunning, ceremony-totes emosche, reception and speeches-some of the best ever, bridal party-epic, couple-kinda okay if you like people dripping with puns and awesomeness, photographers – down with tickbite fever(Szerdi) and bilhazia(Andy) but in awe of the amaze day,  dance party-spandex onesies, swimming and punk circles-holy shit! Some might say the best wedding Iver…

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