Previously KNOT JUST PICS. Same shit, different name.

We met Nikki and Richard down one evening at the Hawaan Forest in Umhlanga. A spot much loved by family photographers and others keen for a nice foresty background. Luckily for us, this wasn’t going to be a normal posey shoot, as we had our own secret weapon – a gin fuelled couple with a bit of crazy and a lot of awesome. They encouraged us to go mad and shoot them as we wanted, but when they suggested something a bit more “sexy” we were more than up for it! Nikki and Richard, with the sun setting slowly behind them plunged fully clothed into some amazing poses any swimsuit model (or Gemini model), would be proud of. These two honestly had us in stitches. Their love is a mischievous and full one and so much fun to be around, we cannot wait for their wedding!

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