Previously KNOT JUST PICS. Same shit, different name.

Anerike and Neil live in Botswana, but travelled down to Cape Town to share a magical wedding weekend with all of their favourite people. Anerike must be one of the most beautifully souled people we have ever met, and all her photos just radiate the love she has for Neil so beautifully – it was such an honour for us to be witness to this magical day. Anerike is also a massively talented photographer, which for us was the ultimate compliment! We love it when we get to shoot other photographers, but I would be lying if I didnt say that it also made us nervous to live up to her eye x

Their ceremony was held in the beautiful forest at Winery Road Forest. Flowers and decor were by the phenomenally talented Creative Nook – Anerike’s bouquet was so exquisite and unique, it even brought her to tears. Hair and makeup was by the exceptional Madeleine Professional.

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