Previously KNOT JUST PICS. Same shit, different name.

Jade and Paul were meant to have a big, beautiful wedding surrounded by friends and family. COVID had other plans. Despite their original plans not quite working out, they managed to have the most beautiful ceremony. Theirs was our first wedding of 2021 so I am not sure if thats why I was extra emotional. Watching them interact with their loved ones after their ceremony on Zoom just absolutely left me in a puddle of emotions.

But back to the good stuff! Jade and Paul got married at Wandsworth Town Hall with just her cousin Jane as witness. From the moment we met them at the Town Hall for their wedding they exuded the most beautiful energy! It radiated from them for the entire time we hung out with them. From their big smiles and happiness you would never have been able to tell this was anything other than their perfect wedding. Thank you also to the wonderful pub The Alma, who when they saw them just married babes, brought them out some complimentary champers to congratulate them! Guys, we cannot thank you enough for letting us share this day with you! Being witness to your marriage (in more than one way!), was such a delight and honour x

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