Previously KNOT JUST PICS. Same shit, different name.

Glasgow has some phenomenal street art, and it’s the most fantastic city just to wander around. We were beyond stoked when Viv and David were keen for a little mission around with us after we shot them near David’s mom’s home in Gleneagles. So despite being the end of Summer, we were treated to some crazy drizzle and some pretty fresh weather (like 15 degrees Celsius – while I know its not that cold, we do live in Africa where our winters often only get down to 10 degrees!).

vivian-david_urban-glasgow-street-portraits-001 vivian-david_urban-glasgow-street-portraits-002 vivian-david_urban-glasgow-street-portraits-004vivian-david_urban-glasgow-street-portraits-003vivian-david_urban-glasgow-street-portraits-005vivian-david_urban-glasgow-street-portraits-016vivian-david_urban-glasgow-street-portraits-017 vivian-david_urban-glasgow-street-portraits-006 vivian-david_urban-glasgow-street-portraits-007 vivian-david_urban-glasgow-street-portraits-008 vivian-david_urban-glasgow-street-portraits-009 vivian-david_urban-glasgow-street-portraits-010 vivian-david_urban-glasgow-street-portraits-011 vivian-david_urban-glasgow-street-portraits-012 vivian-david_urban-glasgow-street-portraits-013 vivian-david_urban-glasgow-street-portraits-014

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