Previously KNOT JUST PICS. Same shit, different name.

I don’t even know where to start about Val and Shane and the awesomeness of their love and the simple amazingness of these two human beings. They decided to get married in Aruba where they went on their first holiday as a couple (but more on that in their wedding post…) so for their portrait session, we all thought it would be super cool to do something different in vibe to their beach wedding, so we decided to head away from the turquoise , picture perfect beaches and explore the desert interior of Aruba. We thought the Casibari rock formation would be a cool spot. Somehow, between the four of us we managed to nearly get lost on an island 30km long and 8km wide – luckily through getting directions in our collectively horrific Spanish, and with only one cactus casualty we got to our spot just as the sun was setting which made for some pretty epic stuff!

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