Previously KNOT JUST PICS. Same shit, different name.

A wedding spot alongside the Thames overlooking the O2, TWO gold wedding dresses and 3 different bands playing over the course of the day, Gabby and Lucas’ wedding at Trinity Buoy Wharf has to be one of the coolest weddings ever. Also Gabby and Lucas must be two of the coolest dorks we have ever met (and coming from two pretty big dorks, that’s one hell of a compliment). They even trusted us enough to climb the outside edge of a windy lighthouse and to balance on a railing near the edge of the Thames for us to try and get a cool night time shot of them. Their love is fun and energetic and getting the chance to hang out with both of them and all their phenomenal friends and family from all over the world was such a special experience for us. There really is nothing like being a small part in the first step of a new adventure unfolding!

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