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A fun Autumn wedding at Cripps Barn – Frances and Harry

If you’re planning a Cripps Barn wedding, you’ll love this wedding!

We shot Frances’ sister’s wedding, so when Frances and Harry first got in touch with us about their Cripps Barn wedding, we were super stoked! We love being invited back by friends and family of couples we shoot for their own days! They were planning a really fun barn wedding with an intimate ceremony and a fun night of party for the reception. Frances and Harry are the most fun, travel addicted people and we couldn’t wait to shoot their wedding!

The wedding

The wedding took place at Cripps Barn, and was a gorgeous, emotional ceremony. They had some beautiful readings, and after the ceremony they walked down the aisle together, and were then showered with confetti had sipped prosecco in the gorgeous Autumn sun.

The reception

The wedding reception took place In the beautiful barn space, which they’d decorated with table names of all the amazing places they have travelled to together. As big travellers ourselves, we love nothing more than other couples who love to travel and incoporate it into their wedding.

It was a bright and sunny Autumn day which was glorious. While the guests played lawn games, the couple mingled and laughed with their friends. All the trees were showing off with the most exquisite red and orange colour palette. Our fave photos though are definitely those we took with their wedding party pelting them with lawn games. You know its a good day when no one can wipe the big smiles off their faces!

Venue – Cripps Barn –

MUA – Emily Tarrant –

Hair- Annie Russell –

DJ –

I know I say this a lot… But we are honestly so lucky to shoot the amazing couples that we do. Sophie and Ste are no exception to this. In fact, I would maybe say that it would be nearly impossible to find kinder, more lovely, or more in love people than these two. I am going to try my best to not turn this post into me gushing about how amazing the two of them are, but I can’t make any promises! I mean to start, Sophie’s pink vintage wedding dress had me utterly weak at the knees!

Sophie and Ste are in the business of love and weddings too so from day one of chatting with them we knew their wedding would be the most magical reflection of them. It was all these things and more! Sophie and Ste have a beautiful love for their family and chosen family of friends – the depth of love around every corner was an absolute joy to witness. These babes were honestly one in a million and we were so honoured we got to share their day with them! And while a nasty bug on the day may have altered a lot of their plans – their grace and love could overcome everything.

Band: The Jelly Roll Jazz Band. Flowers: The Artisan Dried Flower Co. Decor: Crystal Beth. Katy Poirier Art. Cake: Sonia Chocolatinos. DJ : Paula Frost. Bride: Stylish Bride Accs.

Maria and Ewen’s Scottish forest wedding was for lack of a better adjective, magical. These are some of the reasons why (definitely not an exhaustive list). Maria got ready at Ewen’s old childhood home and wore a veil passed down through multiple generations. They got married in Elgin, where friends sang and performed songs during their service. Their reception was on Ewen’s parent’s farm. They set up the most whimsical banquet in a small forested area drenched with sun as the sun slowly set. Ewen wrote and performed a crab musical as his speech and it was every bit as incredible as it sounds. There were Queen sing alongs. Cultural nods to both their heritages. Amazing vegetarian food. Bagpipes. A Babushka wedding cake cut with a sword. More singing and lots, and lots of dancing.

Maria and Ewen your wedding was nothing short of perfection and the most beautiful reflection of both the two of you, your family and phenomenal friends.

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