Previously KNOT JUST PICS. Same shit, different name.

Maria and Ewen’s Scottish forest wedding was for lack of a better adjective, magical. These are some of the reasons why (definitely not an exhaustive list). Maria got ready at Ewen’s old childhood home and wore a veil passed down through multiple generations. They got married in Elgin, where friends sang and performed songs during their service. Their reception was on Ewen’s parent’s farm. They set up the most whimsical banquet in a small forested area drenched with sun as the sun slowly set. Ewen wrote and performed a crab musical as his speech and it was every bit as incredible as it sounds. There were Queen sing alongs. Cultural nods to both their heritages. Amazing vegetarian food. Bagpipes. A Babushka wedding cake cut with a sword. More singing and lots, and lots of dancing.

Maria and Ewen your wedding was nothing short of perfection and the most beautiful reflection of both the two of you, your family and phenomenal friends.

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