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A Colourful and Alternative London Wedding with Elvis

When it comes to wedding inspiration, there’s nothing quite like a colourful and alternative celebration to get us excited. That’s why we were thrilled to be a part of Ruby and Shaun’s wedding. Their wedding took place in London and featured some of the most unique and creative elements we’ve seen in a while.

From the bright and bold colour scheme to the surprise appearance of Elvis himself. Their wedding was truly one-of-a-kind. We’re sharing some of our favourite moments from the day and highlighting the creative touches that made this celebration so memorable.

The Decor

One of the standout features of Ruby and Shaun’s most excellent London wedding was the bright and bold colour scheme. The couple incorporated big Las Vegas vibes into their decor. This included neon signs, flamingos, giants hearts, disco balls and lots of gold. If you love all things bright and colourful like we do, you will love their DIY’ed to perfection decor.

Married by Elvis

As Ruby and Shaun are already legally married, it gave them some leeway to have fun and make this celebration exactly what they wanted it to be. They had a good friend to dress up as an Elvis impersonator had to be one of the highlight of the evening, and guests were delighted by his passionate performance.

Unique wedding touches

Beyond the colour scheme and the Elvis performance, there were plenty of other unique touches that made this wedding stand out. Ruby and Shaun had a mid evening outfit change into the most glorious sequinned and pink outfits. Dinner was supplied by Forcella, an awesome pizza-making Land Rover. Endless costume props for their guests and an entire wedding chapel they built to house their guest book. There is literally nothing better than couples who want to inject some personality and fun into their weddings.

Ruby and Shaun’s colourful and alternative London wedding was a true standout. From the bold colour scheme to the surprise appearance of Elvis. This celebration was full of unique and creative touches that made it truly one-of-a-kind. We hope that these photos and ideas inspire other couples to think outside the box and create weddings that truly reflect their personalities and style.

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