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Aimee and Ross’s wedding adventure is a hard one to sum up into words. The Okavango Delta is a magical place for them, and having spent time with them there, we completely understand why. To truly understand the magnitude of what they pulled off with this wedding, you would need to understand the logistics of 150 people being keen to travel up into the middle of nowhere for your wedding. To arrange tables, chairs, a marquee, decor, drink, DJs, food and music, when the nearest town is a nearly 6 hour drive away on a road with more potholes and donkeys than actual road, and the last stretch to Guma Lagoon needing good clearance and 4×4. To understand the amazing community they have, you would need to see how so many people pitched in for days before the actual wedding to help turn a stunning fishing camp at the edge of the Delta into a magical wedding spot. To properly understand the level of energy and stoke for life this group of people have you would need to see the insane parties that happened not only the night of the wedding (which ended with a spectacular motobike blowout), but the nights leading up to the wedding, the shirts thrown to the rafters and the new best friends that were made. And Aimee and Ross’ love? One they have shared from childhood? Let’s hope out pictures can do all of this justice x

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