Previously KNOT JUST PICS. Same shit, different name.

When we began chatting to Nadine and SP about shooting their wedding, they mentioned that in the days before their wedding that would be camping with some of their friends and family in the Namibian desert in the Spitzkoppe, and asked if we would be keen to come with. I mean, obviously that was a no brainer for us as we do love a good camp! It was so great to hang out with them and their people before the wedding and get to know them all a bit. The other major advantage of staying at an epic location like this, was getting to shoot them both at sunrise and sunset! Nadine and SP are also amazing photographers so they were all for our crazy light chasing – so we grabbed a Windhoek beer (cuz really, what else would you drink in Namibia?) and explored our insanely beautiful surroundings. e

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