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White Dove Barns in Suffolk was the perfect spot for Robyn and Ravi’s multi-day, multi-cultural, multi-awesome wedding. From our first chat with these big adventurers, we got a sense that their wedding would be something beautifully unique. We have never been to a wedding that has both a ceilidh and Indian dancing in the space of an hour! But if there was one thing that seemed important to these babes was honouring both their cultures, their interests, and their loved ones. And their fusion Asian wedding was just this!

For day two of their Asian fusion wedding, Ravi’s Bharat had him arriving on a vintage red tractor which was pretty damn spectacular. Their ceremony was one of the most beautiful and unique we have had the opportunity to share. Officiated by and featuring many dear family members it focused on the key parts of their relationship and personalities. Its also definitely the first wedding we have seen which has had Welly wanging, fishing for rings and planting a tree.

For a couple who spent their honeymoon cycling through India – how bloody amazing is that?! their wedding was everything and more we could have imagined! Their sense of adventure, wander and general joy for life was an absolute delight to share in, and document. Be warned, this is a long post as its the only way we could do justice to their two day celebration!

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