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Celebrating Love: Toni and Chris’ Civil Partnership at Leeds Civic Hall

Celebrating Love: Toni and Chris’ Civil Partnership at Leeds Civic Hall

A Joyful Union: Toni and Chris Say “I Do” in the Heart of Leeds

Relaxed and Radiant: A Civil Partnership Celebration to Remember

Toni and Chris embarked on their journey of love with a beautiful civil partnership ceremony at the historic Leeds Civic Hall. Surrounded by their closest friends and family, they exchanged vows and committed to a lifetime of love and companionship in the heart of the city. Toni and I met indirectly many years ago at the Roller Derby World Cup in Manchester. She was bench managing Team England, and I was playing on Team South Africa. We were absolutely annihilated by her team! Both Toni and Chris are derby people which meant I immediately knew they would be kindred souls. And they absolutely were.

I was beyond obsessed with Toni’s incredible sense of style! She rocked a stunning pair of green trousers and a top that dramatic dreams are made of. This really added a pop of colour and personality to the day’s festivities. Her fashion-forward choice perfectly complemented the vibrant atmosphere of the celebration, making her stand out in the best possible way. If there is one thing I adore about our couples its that they love to do things their way and have a bit of fun. This I think is evident in the fun and ridiculous 80s cheese friend pictures we did together.

Following the ceremony, Toni and Chris opted for a relaxed celebration, highlighting the joy and simplicity of their union. They headed to a nearby brewery, Springwell North Brewing Co. Here they hung out with all their favourite people and they toasted to new adventures with cold beers and indulged in delicious burgers. The laid-back atmosphere provided the perfect backdrop for laughter, conversation, and creating lasting memories with loved ones.

Toni and Chris’ civil partnership was a testament to the inclusivity and warmth of this iconic venue, where couples of all backgrounds come together to celebrate their love in a meaningful and personal way.

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