Previously KNOT JUST PICS. Same shit, different name.

Kendyl was a bridesmaid at a wedding we shot two years back, and pretty much the first thing they did when her and Grant got engaged was book us, which must hands down be the best compliment we could ever ask for. We knew they were a perfect couple match with us when we started chatting with them and about their adventures. They were about to head off to South America including Bolivia and Peru – 2 of our favourite adventure countries, and we were about to head off to Cuba where they had just been and loved. So needless to say there was some hard couple-crushing happening. They were our first wedding after our intense round the world in 3 month trip and I couldn’t think of a more perfect couple for our first wedding back in SA. They came back to SA from London to get married around all of their special people at the gorgeous The Glades,¬†and their whole day really was absolutely, perfectly, them.

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