Previously KNOT JUST PICS. Same shit, different name.

When I started chatting to Cayley and Carl, they told me having a friends wedding was super important to them. At a time when Covid was just starting to bugger off. Having friends around them was a priority though potentially tricky. They decided on having a first look at Wandsworth Common before their town hall wedding at Wandsworth Town Hall. But with a twist! All their friends came with to witness this super special moment before all venturing up to the Town Hall together. Cayley and Carl are one of those couples that just really freaking LOVE hanging out together and you can see how into each other they are from how much fun they have together – they are constantly laughing and just really relish being in each other’s company. They had an awesome Town Hall wedding with their besties before heading off for a week long break with all their favourite people in the Cotswolds. If that isn’t the wedding perfection of doing things your way, I don’t know what is x

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