Previously KNOT JUST PICS. Same shit, different name.

Jess and Hilton you bloody beauties! The week before their wedding we sat down to a brunch with these two, and ended up spending a better part of the day just chatting with them. They must be two of the most charming and energy filled people we have had the joy to hang out with, and as we know weddings are always a reflection of the amazing people having them – we knew their wedding was going to be awesome fun. They got married at the magical forest at Haycroft Farm, and theirĀ  wedding was full of big laughs, big emotions and a big ass party. Watching Hilton watch Jess come down the aisle, and seeing his absolute joy at seeing his woman in her exquisite dress approach him, was something I wont easily forget. Jess moved to the UK a couple days after their wedding, with Hilton following a couple months later, so their reception doubled as a massive going away party for them so had that extra dimension. We cannot wait to hang out with you guys when we are in London again, your love and passion for each other is guaranteed to make this adventure an awesome one x

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