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Its so easy to get swept up into what a wedding is supposed to be, how its meant to look, who has to be there, even what you should eat – but I’m going to tell you a little secret… All it has to be is exactly what you want – marrying your person how you want. Matri and Nick did their wedding right – it was absolutely perfect for them! When we went for tea at these gems’ house they told us how what they really wanted from their wedding was their immediate family present and to eat two of their fave foods, pizza and donuts and then to have a wander around the city they love having some pictures. No one but their immediate family knew about the wedding, which I think made this elopement even more special. Matri’s dad married them, which added a whole extra dimension to the beautiful and personal nature of their ceremony, and we just love how they “rock/paper/scissored” to see who would do their vows first.  They hung out with their closest people at Ciao Bella and we got to be a part of that which was so unbelievably special, after which we snuck them away for some pics in Durban city. Thank you so much you two incredible humans for allowing us the privilege of sharing something so beautiful and private with you, it was an absolute honour and joy for us.

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