Previously KNOT JUST PICS. Same shit, different name.

Dee and Levon’s love is a beautiful, deep one, the kind that can only come from years of friendship. It was an absolute treat to witness their intense connection, one capable of weathering all the storms life can throw at them. They got married in the ridiculously picturesque town of Clarens at the very cool Andes Guest house. From the moment we arrived with them we were welcomed by both them and their amazing friends (mafia I’m looking at you ladies…), and honestly, it was all the most perfect day for them. The weather held for their forest ceremony, they nailed their indoor/outdoor reception and they had an epic punk dance floor. All ingredients for one flipping phenomenal day. Dee and Levon (and Dallas), you guys are some pretty amazing people with a pretty exceptional story and it was truly a delight and honour to share the start of your new adventure with you.

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