Previously KNOT JUST PICS. Same shit, different name.

When we first met Donna and Darren before they even booked us, we were immediately captivated by their energy as a couple. When we shot them for their pre wedding portrait session, their love and chemistry hit us hard. So when we finally got to shooting their wedding, we did not doubt for a second that it would be full of passion and energy, and that it was. Donna always wanted a forest ceremony, and as luck would have it, the morning of their wedding was plagued with intense and threatening storm clouds. Somehow, the rain held till the exact moment they walked back down the aisle – if that isn’t an insanely good sign I don’t know what is. To make it even more magical, the weather cleared for about half an hour, just long enough for us to get few pics with the deep, angry sky. They got married at our absolutely fave spot, Crystal Barn – Kate and Gabi really are two amazing wedding fairy god-mothers to have on your side. Guys, you are two amazing humans, the love and connection you share was an absolute joy to behold, and we just know you are going to have the best life together x

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