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Cayleigh and Craig, you most special of humans! How do I even start to describe what has to be from every angle a most perfect day? These two families are deeply entwined, they have a history. Craig’s brother is married to Cayleigh’s sister and that was the start of everything. And when you have two families this connected, through both joy and heart ache,  you know the feelings that run throughout the day are going to be immense. Add to this the fact that Craig’s other brother is married to one of the best women in the wedding industry, the power woman behind Labola, decor wise, every part of their Netherwood wedding was perfection. Throw in a Hanrie Lues Bespoke gown, and stationary by  Bash Paperie, and music by our  fave, David Yapp, and video by Andy’s man crush  The Shank Tank– you honestly couldn’t ask for better! Except there was something better… When we first chatted to Cayleigh, she told me all she really wanted for her wedding, was a pic with the Netherwood cows, who in our experience are notoriously shy, so we didn’t pin much hope on making this happen for her. BUT as we drove back from the couple shoot, with the sun well setting – like fate- the cows were all around and SO keen for some pictures! We are so stoked we manage to get you guys with the cows, and just even more stoked that we got to share this magical day with you awesome people x

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