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I know I have said this every time we have shot an intimate wedding… but intimate, family orientated weddings have such a magic to them – there is something so special about being surrounded by only your absolute closest humans that brings such a calmness and privateness to a marriage. Rosie and Deane chose to get married at her parents home, in their garden surrounded by all their special people, and they both got ready in rooms in the home that were warm and familiar to them – surrounded by family members and the fluffy family members. Every part of their day was a community effort, from building her bouquet, setting up the garden and house, and even serving the homely platters of food. It was very clear to us that  a lot of people love these two very much. Rosie wore the most exquisite boho dress from phenomenal designer Sadie Bosworth which was honestly beyond perfect for her. Her make up was done by the amazingly talented Pam McNeil. It was such an honour for us to share such an incredible day, and its always more of an honour when creatives trust you, and give you creative freedom to document their day.

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