Previously KNOT JUST PICS. Same shit, different name.

This is without a doubt the most delayed blogpost I have ever made. You see, Dayle and Dylan’s wedding was our last of 2019 (yes, you read that right in 2021…) I think I feared posting their wedding as I just wasn’t sure when we would get to shoot again. I greedily hung onto their amazing wedding like Gollum. Fearing we wouldn’t have more amazing, love filled days to share. And now as 2021 is filled with just as much uncertainty I realize sharing love is probably the best thing I can probably do.

So here I present to you Dayle and Dylan’s most incredible wedding at Pat Busch. In hindsight, the beautiful intensity almost foreshadowed a great loss we were all going to experience. They loved extra intensely and partied extra hard. Almost as if to compensate for the loss of interactions and socialising we would all come to feel so acutely in the following months. Their marriage was a deeply personal one. Their Chuppah held by their siblings and their blending of two backgrounds into one exquisite fusion of love. These two have the biggest hearts and share a passion for adventure and travel and we immediately felt so at home with them and their loved ones. Guys I am SO sorry this is so late to make its appearance. I think I am finally ready to share your love and your amazing day with the world. Because lets be honest, what we all need right now is a reminder of the light and beautiful side of this life.

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