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Silindo and Siyalo I

Silindo originally contacted me about shooting their wedding at Netherwood. They both now live in Joburg and wanted to come down to celebrate their wedding with their friend’s and family. When Silindo  then asked me if we could also shoot their traditional Zulu wedding – on the same day – we jumped at the chance! We have never shot a Zulu wedding before but have been frothing to! The ceremony was a beautiful thing to behold. There was so much joy and singing and dancing! It was an all round amazing experience for us! Keep an eye out on the blog for their Netherwood wedding coming soon!

ZuluWedding ZuluWedding-2 ZuluWedding-3 ZuluWedding-4 ZuluWedding-5 ZuluWedding-6 ZuluWedding-7 ZuluWedding-8 ZuluWedding-9 ZuluWedding-10 ZuluWedding-11 ZuluWedding-12 ZuluWedding-13 ZuluWedding-14 ZuluWedding-15 ZuluWedding-16 ZuluWedding-17 ZuluWedding-18 ZuluWedding-19 ZuluWedding-20 ZuluWedding-21 ZuluWedding-22 ZuluWedding-23 ZuluWedding-24 ZuluWedding-25 ZuluWedding-26 ZuluWedding-27 ZuluWedding-28 ZuluWedding-29 ZuluWedding-30 ZuluWedding-31 ZuluWedding-32 ZuluWedding-33 ZuluWedding-34 ZuluWedding-35 ZuluWedding-36 ZuluWedding-37 ZuluWedding-38 ZuluWedding-39 ZuluWedding-40 ZuluWedding-41 ZuluWedding-42 ZuluWedding-43 ZuluWedding-44 ZuluWedding-45 ZuluWedding-46 ZuluWedding-47 ZuluWedding-48 ZuluWedding-49 ZuluWedding-50 ZuluWedding-51 ZuluWedding-52 ZuluWedding-53 ZuluWedding-54 ZuluWedding-55 ZuluWedding-56 ZuluWedding-57 ZuluWedding-58 ZuluWedding-59 ZuluWedding-60 ZuluWedding-61 ZuluWedding-62 ZuluWedding-63 ZuluWedding-64 ZuluWedding-65 ZuluWedding-66 ZuluWedding-67 ZuluWedding-68 ZuluWedding-69 ZuluWedding-70 ZuluWedding-71 ZuluWedding-72 ZuluWedding-73 ZuluWedding-74 ZuluWedding-75 ZuluWedding-76 ZuluWedding-77 ZuluWedding-78 ZuluWedding-79 ZuluWedding-80 ZuluWedding-81 ZuluWedding-82 ZuluWedding-83 ZuluWedding-84 ZuluWedding-85 ZuluWedding-86 ZuluWedding-87 ZuluWedding-88 ZuluWedding-89 ZuluWedding-90 ZuluWedding-91 ZuluWedding-92 ZuluWedding-93 ZuluWedding-94 ZuluWedding-95 ZuluWedding-96 ZuluWedding-97 ZuluWedding-98 ZuluWedding-99 ZuluWedding-100 ZuluWedding-101 ZuluWedding-102 ZuluWedding-103 ZuluWedding-104 ZuluWedding-105 ZuluWedding-106 ZuluWedding-107 ZuluWedding-108 ZuluWedding-109 ZuluWedding-110 ZuluWedding-111 ZuluWedding-112 ZuluWedding-113 ZuluWedding-114 ZuluWedding-115 ZuluWedding-116 ZuluWedding-117 ZuluWedding-118 ZuluWedding-119 ZuluWedding-120 ZuluWedding-121 ZuluWedding-122 ZuluWedding-123 ZuluWedding-124 ZuluWedding-125 ZuluWedding-126 ZuluWedding-127 ZuluWedding-128 ZuluWedding-129 ZuluWedding-130 ZuluWedding-131 ZuluWedding-132 ZuluWedding-133 ZuluWedding-134 ZuluWedding-135 ZuluWedding-136 ZuluWedding-137 ZuluWedding-138 ZuluWedding-139 ZuluWedding-140 ZuluWedding-141 ZuluWedding-142 ZuluWedding-143

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