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Bridget and Wian

Bridget and Wian kinda met in high school. Well, Wian noticed Bridget at the Michael House’s chapel the one day at school, but it wasn’t till quite a few years later that a trip with friends to Mozambique made it official. Returning to where it all started, Bridget and Wian got married in the chapel he first checked her out in, and the reception was at Bridget’s family farm down the road. This is not our first Nottingham Road family farm wedding, and we knew judging by past experience that their wedding would be both breathtakingly beautiful and that reception would be an insane party, and they certainly lived up to both of these. Bridget is ridiculously beautiful and was a dream to shoot, the way she looked at Wian the whole day and how love they clearly are, made their day an absolute highlight to end our year on.

Bridget_Wian-HighRes-002Bridget_Wian-HighRes-001 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-003 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-004 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-005 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-006 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-007 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-008 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-009 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-010 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-011 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-012 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-013 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-014 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-015 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-016 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-017 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-018 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-019 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-020 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-021 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-022 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-023 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-024 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-025  Bridget_Wian-HighRes-028 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-029 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-030 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-031 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-032 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-033 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-035 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-036 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-037 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-038 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-039 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-040 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-041 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-042 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-043 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-044 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-045 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-046 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-047 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-048 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-049 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-050 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-051 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-052 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-053 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-054 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-055 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-056 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-057 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-058 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-059 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-060 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-061 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-062 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-063 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-064 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-065 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-066 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-067 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-068 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-069 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-070 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-071 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-072 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-073 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-074 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-075 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-076 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-077 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-078 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-079 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-080 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-081 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-082 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-083 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-085 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-087 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-088 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-089 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-090 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-091 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-092 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-093 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-094 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-095 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-096 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-097 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-098 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-099 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-100 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-101 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-102 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-103 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-104 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-105 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-106 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-107 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-108 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-109 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-110 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-111 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-112 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-113 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-114 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-115 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-116 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-117 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-118 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-119 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-120 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-121 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-123 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-124 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-125 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-126 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-127 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-129 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-130 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-131 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-132 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-135 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-136 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-137 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-139 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-140 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-138Bridget_Wian-HighRes-141 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-142 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-143 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-144 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-145 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-146 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-147 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-148 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-149 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-150 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-151 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-152 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-153 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-154 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-155 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-156 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-157 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-158 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-159 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-160 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-161 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-162 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-163 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-164 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-165 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-166 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-167 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-168 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-169 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-170 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-171 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-172 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-173 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-174 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-175 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-176 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-177 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-178 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-179 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-180 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-181 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-182 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-183 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-184 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-185 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-186 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-187 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-188 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-189 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-190 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-191 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-192 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-193 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-194 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-195 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-196 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-197 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-198 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-199 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-200 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-201 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-202 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-203 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-204 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-205 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-206 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-207 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-208 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-209 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-210 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-211 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-212 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-213 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-214 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-215 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-216 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-217 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-218 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-219 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-220 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-221 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-222 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-223 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-224 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-225 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-226 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-227 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-228 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-229 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-230 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-231 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-232 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-233 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-234 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-235 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-236 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-237 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-238 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-239 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-240 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-241 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-242 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-243 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-244 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-245 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-246 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-247 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-248 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-249 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-250 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-251 Bridget_Wian-HighRes-252

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  • A year ago we went for a run on a miserable rainy day, and about a block from our house I spotted a tiny white rabbit in the park. I walked over to him, he hopped up to me and I picked him up and carried him home. I found out from neighbours he had been abandoned in the park by a family who didn’t want the hassle of looking after their child’s ill-thought out pet (please feel free to ask me why rabbits are terrible pets for small children...) we planned to fix him up as he was quite sick, and to find him a home, but we didn’t expect that home to be ours. So a year later, happy gotcha-versary Stuart Little 🐰 you’re the most awesome little dude and I swear you’re more dog than bunny ☺️
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