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Ash and Jodie are getting married at the end 0f the year, and we met up with them a little while ago to get  a few pics of them pre wedding, and just for the four of us to get to know each other a bit. The day we scheduled with them ended up being a very wet one, and even though it was bloody freezing, and rained most of the time we hung out with them, they were super open to us taking them around to some cool spots in our hood. Their love, chemistry,  and intense connection is so evident in the photos,  it felt like we were witnessing something really powerful. Guys, thank you so much for getting soaking wet and windswept with us, it was epic!

ash-jodie_portrait-session_alternativeweddingphotography-001 ash-jodie_portrait-session_alternativeweddingphotography-002 ash-jodie_portrait-session_alternativeweddingphotography-004 ash-jodie_portrait-session_alternativeweddingphotography-005 ash-jodie_portrait-session_alternativeweddingphotography-006 ash-jodie_portrait-session_alternativeweddingphotography-007 ash-jodie_portrait-session_alternativeweddingphotography-008 ash-jodie_portrait-session_alternativeweddingphotography-009 ash-jodie_portrait-session_alternativeweddingphotography-010 ash-jodie_portrait-session_alternativeweddingphotography-011 ash-jodie_portrait-session_alternativeweddingphotography-013 ash-jodie_portrait-session_alternativeweddingphotography-014 ash-jodie_portrait-session_alternativeweddingphotography-015 ash-jodie_portrait-session_alternativeweddingphotography-016 ash-jodie_portrait-session_alternativeweddingphotography-018 ash-jodie_portrait-session_alternativeweddingphotography-019 ash-jodie_portrait-session_alternativeweddingphotography-021 ash-jodie_portrait-session_alternativeweddingphotography-022 ash-jodie_portrait-session_alternativeweddingphotography-023 ash-jodie_portrait-session_alternativeweddingphotography-024 ash-jodie_portrait-session_alternativeweddingphotography-025 ash-jodie_portrait-session_alternativeweddingphotography-026 ash-jodie_portrait-session_alternativeweddingphotography-028

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